During the coronavirus pandemic we will be operating a strict appointments only policy.  This will limit the amount of customers in the shop helping to control your safety. There will be a sanitation point and full PPE will be worn and we request all customers to wear a mask too and if you have any symptoms you are NOT to attend.

Thank you for your understanding during this hard time and we hope to resume back to normal sooner rather than later. Stay safe and look after each other. Gentology Barbers.


Hair and Beard Cutting Experts

Every gentleman needs a Barber and at Gentology Barbers we are not only qualified Barbers but we are also friends too, who can advise you on style choice and teach you how to maintain that chosen look. With the right techniques and products for your your hair you will be left feeling great and looking good.


Once you have experienced our spirit and the range of services we offer you will want to come time and time again, as many customers already do, sharing their experiences with all of their friends.


Offering an 'old school' style of Barbering with a modern feel and great haircuts for both boys and gentlemen of all ages as well as hot-towel shaves and beard maintenance, all in a nice and relaxed, chilled environment.



Gentology Barbers use a range of cutting techniques in conjunction with each other which are often used to create a many number of new and traditional, but exciting hairstyles.


The perfect haircut is more than just a few little snips! If you are unsure about what you want, call into the shop and have a free consultation. One of our highly trained Barbers will take into account your head and face shape, hair thickness and density as well as any growth patterns or other limiting factors that can affect the desired outcome.

Price List

Gents Cut & Style: £12.00

(Age 12+)

Full Re-Style: £18.00

Skin Fade: £15.00

Clipper Cut: £9.00

Kids Haircut: £8.00

(Age 6-11)

Toddlers Haircut: £6.00

(Age 0-5)

Beard Trim: £6.00

Dad 'n' Lad: £15.00

(Tues, Weds and Thurs)

O.A.P.'s: £8.00

Nose Wax: £3.00

At our Barber Shop


A haircut is just a haircut, right? Wrong! At Gentology Barbers a haircut is an experience, taken back to the more simpler days when men gathered in the local Barber shops to discuss their daily antics. Gentology Barbers provides gents styling for both traditional short haircuts as well as contemporary but more trendy styles. Along with hot towel shaving and beard shape-ups we offer the full service, so whether you are looking for just a quick touch up or the full-monty, we have got things covered.

With reasonable prices for all of our services nothing screams success or leaves you feeling at the top of your game like a freshly styled haircut or beard trim/shave, its a way of life and is expected of any well-groomed gentleman.

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